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MEP Guy and his Plumbing 101 & 201 courses saved the day! I started a new MEP job with little by way of mentorship and got assigned a new project in Revit. By watching as many of his videos as I could and taking Plumbing 101 & 201, I was able to submit my model and prelim drawings on time this week. Not only that, but my speed and competence in Revit convinced my boss to pay for my own license. (I was working on a shared computer initially.) My ability to create and update my own models allows me more authority over the design which was a problem in the past with a CAD manager that often failed to translate my Bluebeam sketches to AutoCAD as he often saw fit to “make it right.” MEP Guy answered a couple of general design questions I had right away. His input gave me more confidence that I wasn’t doing anything weird or atypical. The plumbing fixtures included with the course came in handy! Our collection of models is a mess as we don’t have a BIM manager and the drafters appear to despise Revit. MEP Guy’s fixtures were reliable and don’t include the fixture specific detail that’s usually not required. I would highly recommend Plumbing 101 & 201 to anyone interested in improving their modeling time in Revit or using Revit as an alternative to other software like Bluebeam or AutoCAD. I have failed to find a better resource so far!

-Tim O. (Mechanical Engineer P.E.)

I’ve stumbled across MEP GUY’s YouTube Channel from the very beginning while it was still evolving (only a couple of videos at the time). The things that caught my interest were the topics, level of detail, professionality put in those videos, not to mention his commitment to his audience. As a Junior Plumbing Designer, I found myself having similar problems, topics and questions as the ones that are covered on his channel and especially his course. I have found it particularly useful having to work on US/CAN projects, not being a resident and having studied for different region and code requirements. It is obvious that years of experience, courses, exploring, trial and error are behind his knowledge and it is especially pleasing to have it all organized and well-structured in “bite sized pieces”. His devoted work on the course will broaden every attendee’s Plumbing Design & Revit knowledge as it has mine.

Pavle K. (Plumbing Designer)

MEP Guy's passion for teaching the plumbing discipline goes beyond just modeling in Revit. One would not only be a lot more proficient with Revit Plumbing modeling, but also with the design aspect of the Plumbing discipline. He explains to you the standard workflow that is being followed starting from the early stages of the design up to the construction phase. I thought I knew a lot already but was glad to know there were things that I still needed to learn. The course is really worth it. I am looking forward to some other tips and tricks that he was able to master to make modeling and load calculations a lot faster and easier.

Ben R. (Plumbing Engineer)

I found the MEP Guy YouTube videos while searching for a way to create plumbing risers in Revit. I appreciated the way he presented the material in a very practical and common sense way, so I decided to purchase the Plumbing 101 and 201 courses.  I have experience designing in Revit, but I work for a small MEP firm and I am the only person doing plumbing design in Revit. The Plumbing 101 and 201 courses have reinforced some of what I was already doing and provided me with the techniques and tools to take my plumbing designs in Revit to the next level. I have also emailed MEP Guy with questions and he answered quickly with a solution. I finally feel like I have a resource to contact about plumbing in Revit!

-Marcy B. (Plumbing Designer)

I have been taking Plumbing 101 and it is awesome! I have learned so much and appreciate your teaching skills. You are easy to follow and cover things in depth. It is also easy to follow your examples. I appreciate the way you take time to explain how things work. In other tutorials I have used the instructors move too fast and it is difficult to grasp all the content. Thank you for providing a great service!

-Mike Y.

 First, thank you for creating the MEP Guy Videos - -my office & team have been using them exclusively to help us learn the plumbing side of Revit.  We have been especially struggling with how to draw/how much to draw for plumbing in a 5 story multi family apartment project (175 dwelling units), and your videos have been a fantastic learning tool. Just 10 minutes of watching your videos we found on You-tube made us realize how valuable your Template files would be, so I immediately purchased the first two full classes on plumbing design, and downloaded the template files, which we incorporated into our multi family project. -- shortly after this I saw your video on the roof-drains, so I likewise purchased that class/template and added those features into our design. I have already scheduled my team to go back and re-watch the classes, so we can take a second pass at our first major Revit plumbing project to see what we can better improve on. 

-Mark D. (Principle)


I am making the move from AutoCAD MEP to Revit.  Ryan presents the material in an easy to understand way.  He starts from the beginning so you can see every step of the design process.  Many courses I have taken to learn Revit start “near the end” meaning you don’t get to see how they linked in the CAD file or select the fixtures that the piping attaches to.  They give you files where all the “behind the scenes” work has been done for you.  This is the way I learn; I need to do the “behind the scenes” stuff!  The MEP Guy has helped me the most in my journey of learning Revit.

-Jeremy S. (PE)


The thing I like the best about your videos is you break down the workflow into easy to follow steps that even new users to Revit should be able to follow. That, and you have taken the years that it has taken to figure some of the settings and workflows and present them to new users that will be looking to set them up early on. That, and the fact that you are willing to share some of your content for free is exceptional. Not a lot of other instructors will do this, so I think your users appreciate that, and I think it might help them purchase your course as they will get a better idea of what to expect.

-Tom K.


I deeply appreciate the extensive knowledge and expertise you bring to our plumbing course, which is evident in every lesson. Your skill in making complex concepts easy to understand is not only commendable but also makes the learning process thoroughly enjoyable and straightforward. Your patience and support throughout the course, particularly your willingness to answer questions and offer additional explanations, have been instrumental in helping us grasp the finer details of plumbing. I particularly value the way you integrate real-world examples into the course material, which not only solidifies our understanding but also highlights the practical applications of the concepts we're learning. The interactive style of your teaching keeps the entire class engaged and eager to participate, clearly reflecting your passion for plumbing and your contagious enthusiasm. I am also grateful for your unwavering commitment to our success; your dedication to ensuring that each student comprehends the material and thrives in the course is nothing short of admirable. Moreover, your passion for plumbing is both inspiring and motivating, providing us with valuable insights and encouragement as we embark on our own careers in the field. The professionalism you exhibit in delivering the course sets a high standard, evident in the organized structure of the lessons and the respect you show for both the subject matter and the students. Lastly, the constructive feedback you provide is invaluable, offering insights and suggestions that help us continuously improve and deepen our understanding of plumbing techniques and principles.

-Mohammad H (Engineer)


You have made learning Revit Plumbing very simple, detailed and exciting to absorb! I also do appreciate the "Tailored" pipe fittings (wye's tee's etc) that I can simply copy and paste into my project for easy use. Because of your easy-to-understand explanations I am able to convey this knowledge to my colleagues.

-Nigel G. (Senior Engineering Technician)


I found your lessons while searching YouTube for some plumbing training for a new employee.  Her background was architecture.  As a BIM Coordination firm, we get into all aspects of buildings, and we had just started the DWV of an apartment building.  I found your lessons are well thought out and organized and you have excellent clarity in your delivery.  My co-worker found your lessons extremely helpful even though she knew little plumbing.  The plumbing template was helpful and I particularly like the tip about creating a wye and fixing it to 45 degrees.  We have adapted the template to match our text, dimension, and leader standards.  Based on that template, we are working on a mechanical piping and ducting template.

-Frank M. (BIM Coordinator)


I truly enjoy the Revit plumbing videos that you have created. I am a Master plumber that came from the field to learn Revit and become my company’s BIM Coordinator. There is so much to learn and know, but the videos break it down to a level that is understandable. There are plenty of videos on YouTube, but not with the plumbing expertise and know how that these videos show and explain. Please keep them coming. I truly like that I can go back and look at them when I need to. It is like having a video reference library just a click away.

-Gregg (Master Plumber)

MEP Guy's training courses and templates have been huge time savers and provide solid technical guidance. Throughout each design system he pauses the drafting portion to review the engineering aspect (calculations and plumbing codes). He's simply the best at simplifying key plumbing concepts and the complexities of Revit that drives users mad. I highly recommend every plumbing designer take his courses.

-MJ C. (PE)

The MEP guy tutorial helped me a lot with plumbing, apparently it is more complicated than I initially thought. Now, everywhere I look around me, I see plumbing mistakes. Nobody showed me before the tables, vent's distance vs pipe diameter even the consulting engineering design company  I worked for seems to just lay pipes randomly without any reference to tables or scientific calculations. The course opened a new world to me! Thank you very much and I look forward to your upcoming tutorials.

-Hassan A. (Plumbing, HVAC and Fire Protection Design Engineer)

As a Hydraulic drafter, the MEP Guy plumbing fixture families, have the parameters needed without the excess information that others found online can have. The same can be said about the courses, which deliver the information they advertise.

-Jackson V. (Hydraulic Drafter)


Truth is, I really like your plumbing courses and videos a lot. The plumbing piping families you've shared were amazing, my favorite is how you select the elbow and switch it to a trap in one click. That makes life so much easier. Also, I've become much more confident designing plumbing systems after watching your course. You should definitely keep going and share more design content. Perhaps you can work on plumbing design for labs including different types of gasses. Thank you once again!

-Ahmad F. (Plumbing Designer)

I'm an MEP engineer working in the US construction industry for 5+ years. I own a MEP design agency registered in WY, USA, and have been using AutoCAD for all these years. Our team has been trying to migrate to Revit for some time now. However, we were not able to make a complete transition because of a lack of knowledge in Revit and because we couldn't find someone to train us in the software. That's when I came across your videos on YouTube. It gave the perfect explanations for many questions we had. I purchased your 2 courses on Plumbing and it's been great!

-Amal M. (MEP Engineer)


I truly appreciate not just the content but how you put it together.  The way you present your videos is easy to understand and follow along.  I have tried other providers and couldn't understand or follow along with their videos.  Your understanding of plumbing and how it is approached in Revit is truly a breath of fresh air.  I have used your tips on every project since I started watching your videos and following your courses.  Keep up the good work.

-Monti W. 


I just wanted to take a minute and Thank you for your videos and plumbing courses in REVIT. There are very few people who can teach how to use this powerful tool (REVIT) for plumbing engineering, coordination and design.

-Joe C. (CPD)

I have sat through many online MEP tutorials struggling to learn Revit for Fire Protection but this course by the MEP Guy is by far the best. Even though his course focuses primarily on plumbing, about 90% of it is exactly what I was trying to learn. Also, Ryan (aka MEP Guy) is willing to answer any questions you might have as you go through the course. He offers great support, which was very important to me. I whole-heartedly recommend it.

Wayne K. (Professional Fire Protection Engineer)

This is the most comprehensive tutorial for plumbing, a complete package to master plumbing in REVIT.

-Muhammad M. (MEP Design Engineer)

This is an awesome course for beginners through advanced REVIT users. I have learned a lot of tricks I never knew or thought about. Great job MEP Guy!

-Rob D. (Plumbing Estimator and Designer)

I have some experience in Revit, but I’m really enjoying 101. MEP GUY’S provide excellent practical advice to be more efficient in Revit with examples based on his project experiences. I was able to use a lot of tips to cut my time in completing a project. If you are looking for a quick and easy start to learning Revit, this is one of the courses you need to be looking at. For the cost you can’t go wrong. 

Tyrone A. (Plumbing Designer)

The Revit plumbing training through MEP Guy was great for me getting into Revit and learning how to model plumbing systems! I started work in the MP industry and soon had to learn 3D piping modeling, which was beyond my elementary Revit skills. The linear course from MEP Guy walked me through his techniques and was helpful training. It was pretty difficult at the beginning to figure out why Revit threw certain errors or didn't do what I wanted, but now I'm pretty familiar with the software and even able to answer questions of my coworkers. The videos MEP Guy put out were very helpful in getting me here.

-Member (Mechanical Design Engineer)

This is an excellent course, really helpful, well structured and covers all important matters for plumbing in Revit.

-Hristina M. (Plumbing Engineer)

I love that you are showing how simple it is to create a 3D model in Revit. I am a plumber and I am trying to gain experience in Revit for my future business and personal growth. I can say that this course is 100% effective. You gave us the tools you created in Revit. That is the best part of this course and so helpful. When I began using Bluebeam I spent a lot of time creating those tools to be able to use them in the field. This is one main reason why I knew this was worth my money because of the tools you provided. Also, I like the way you go into detail about not only piping but tags and controls in the software. Thanks so much!

-Joan B.

I have enjoyed learning how to draw plumbing plans through your course. You have an eye for detail and I like all the tips and tricks that help me become more efficient. There has been a lot for me to learn considering I'm new to Revit, but your teaching style is deep but it comes across as light instead of overbearing. This style helps a lot in learning all the great techniques you show. I look forward to more.

-Nate H.

Ryan has developed the most comprehensive and practical uses of Revit for plumbing that I have ever seen implemented. His content is easy to implement, intelligent, and flexible. He has developed a method for utilizing Revit the way it was always ment to be implemented. His courses not only teach you how to use his content, but also how to properly design systems and develop your own smart content in an easy to understand platform. I am looking forward to what he comes up with next!

Matthew W. (Mechanical Engineer P.E.)

Plumbing 101 is definitely worth the price of admission. You get to learn the plumbing side of Revit from someone actively working in the industry, with efficiency in mind. It basically pays for itself in a project or two.

His coursework is better than anything else you’ll find online, and he is quick to answer questions, if any should come up. I’d definitely recommend Plumbing 101 to novice and expert Revit users alike!

Nate P. (Plumbing Drafter)